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What is a Hearing Consultation?

We provide a free hearing examination and discuss what type of hearing loss, if any, the patient has. If a hearing loss is found, we can put on a demonstration set of hearing aids to allow patients see the difference the hearing aids make.

At EarTech, we believe that patient education is critical to understanding the needs for each individual. Unlike other practices and hearing aid outlets, EarTech always sets an hour for examinations and thirty minutes for service. This provides ample time to answer questions and help teach our patients how to properly use their instruments. We strongly encourage bringing family or friends to your visit. This allows us to teach them as well about your hearing loss and how they can speak to you to improve communication in various noisy situations.

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What Should I Expect During an Audiological Evaluation?

The hearing examination or hearing test takes approximately 30 minutes. You will sit in a custom-made sound resistant booth that has a large glass window. EarTech also has a testing booth that is large enough to easily accommodate wheelchairs.

First we will perform a visual examination of the ear to look for any abnormalities. This allows us to see if you simply have a blockage of the ear or other conditions, such as an ear infection, that need to be addressed.

Next you will have the audiological or hearing examination. This involves listening to tones and repeating words back to the examiner. You also will have a small instrument placed behind your ear to test by using vibrations to give us an idea if you have any other ear abnormalities.

This process lets us know what type of hearing loss you have and what options we have to help improve the way you hear. It typically takes about 30 minutes to explain the results to you and your family.

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How Long do Repairs Take?

Hearing aid repairs take 15 minutes for a quick cleaning, a service that is provided for free to anyone who comes into EarTech.

Damaged hearing instruments take one day to one weeks for a repair. EarTech has an in-house repair technician who has manufactured and repaired hearing aids for 25 years. This allows us to charge half the cost of other audiology and hearing aid practices. Our technician will also help answer technical questions if need. Repairs for out-of-warranty hearing aids that require being opened for service cost from $75 dollars for newer instruments to $250 for hearing aids older than 10 years.

We proudly service and repair all hearing aid brands.

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