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Today's hearing aid options are wide open... literally. There are many instruments that leave the ear canal open to utilize all the biological hearing a patient has left. Our tiny, high-definition hearing aids give this remaining hearing a boost. This makes the experience much more natural for the user. Most of these hearing aids are undetectable and so comfortable you will forget you have them on!

Most modern instruments include Bluetooth or other wireless technologies that connect to your telephone, TV, music player, or computer. Many of them talk to you and let you know their status. Some have remote controls, and others are rechargeable and require no batteries.

Many hearing aids come in styles that fit deep down in the ear canal or atop your ear, and they can even match your hair color or skin tone. There is a discreet high-tech option for nearly everyone's hearing challenge, and we even have a few retro analog options available if that's your preference.

Oticon hearing aid options

Hearing aid smartphone technology

Hearing Aid Features

There is a wide range of hearing aid technology available. Some of the features include:

Featured Technology

We are very proud to carry the following high-end hearing aid devices at EarTech:

Oticon Opn on woman

Oticon Opn™

The Oticon Opn™ provides the user with a clear and natural listening experience. This award-winning device has opened up a new world of sound for hearing aid wearers by allowing you to hear a variety of sounds in a busy environment.

At EarTech, we are experienced in fitting the Opn™. Our own Marja wears it herself and loves it!

EarTech is also proud to offer ConnectLine from Oticon. We will come to your house and connect the television, home phone, cell phone, and computers. When you receive a call or want to watch television, you can listen at your own private volume through your hearing aids!

Oticon wireless accessories

Starkey Xino

People suffering with tinnitus have been told for so long that there is nothing that can be done about the ringing in their years. That is simply not true. At Eartech we feature the Starkey Xino to help our patients find relief from their tinnitus.

Starkey Xino Tinnitus

ReSound LiNX3D

ReSound has done an excellent job of making hearing aids that can seamlessly adapt to your listening environment, allowing you to transition effortlessly from quiet to noisy settings, and much more. Their app and iPhone integration is also second to none.

ReSound LiNX hearing aid

Hearing Aid Brands

Originally from Denmark, Oticon is one of the industry’s leading researchers. The company applies technology that puts people first.

Designed in the United States, Starkey is known for its research and development of wireless technologies and communications.

Signia/Siemens is a German engineering company that sets the standard for new applications in HD Music, cancelling echoes, and hearing your phone in BOTH ears.

ReSound has come to the forefront of helping people rediscover hearing in noise.

EarQ, founded and based in the United States, carries hearing aids with the most R&D of any manufacturer on the market, and possibly the largest selection as well.

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