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Celebrating 30 years, EarTech Hearing Aids is the trusted name in hearing aids in Bradenton and the surrounding communities. Our success continues because we’re a family owned and operated business, not a corporate chain. We firmly believe in treating our clients like family members. We always tell people, “Welcome to the family” because they become part of our family.

EarTech—that’s all you need to hear! With EarTech’s exceptional customer service, why go anywhere else?

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Mention our website and receive FREE hearing aid cleanings and programming for the life of the instrument!

(Compare this to other practices that charge a minimum of $19.95 for a 1-hour cleaning repair!)

We are also proud to be the exclusive provider of EarQ hearing aids in the Bradenton area, which allows us to offer the unmatched Secure 4-Year Warranty on many of our devices.

(Compare that to other practices who will—at best—offer a 2 to 3 year warranty.)

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What's New in Hearing Healthcare?

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